Testimonials from Match Green Tea Users

I have been taking Café Green Pastures Matcha Green Tea for four months now. I can only say good things about my tea experience. The moment I started using this miracle in a can, I started to notice a difference. Prior to using Matcha tea, I would experience a dull ache in my legs. The problem was worse towards the end of the day when I had been standing or sitting for long periods of time. I would take over the counter pain relief and wear support socks to ease the aching feeling. Once I started using Matcha, I realized that I no longer had that feeling in my legs. I have also seen positive results of this tea in my skin and my waist line. I would recommend this tea for its many health benefits.

Tanya Algee-Member Services Coordinator KJZZ 91.5 Radio Station, Phoenix Az.


I am a true believer in Café Green Pastures Matcha Green Tea. It is a daily must for me. I have been drinking Matcha Tea for over one year now. I have seen a tremendous difference in my energy level and my greatest accomplishment has been a reduction in my waistline of 2 ½ inches. Matcha really works.

Cyndi Roberts-Diversity Segment Manager Utah and Arizona


As a result of a medical diagnosis from my Doctor of a low white blood cell count, I was instructed to drink green tea, and

When I learned through Donna at Café Green Pastures that Matcha is the “Mother” of all green teas because of its high antioxidant levels, I began drinking this tea. After six months, my Doctor did not prescribe meds for me. I am so thankful.

Charlene Hammonds-Owner All-In-One-Fitness Scottsdale, Az


I have taken Matcha Green Tea for one year now. My last visit to the Doctor resulted in a significant reduction in my previous high blood pressure. I also noticed Matcha gives me a nice calmness and an increased energy level. It is a part of my daily life now.

Llew Berry-Mortgage Banker Research & Development Chase Bank, Phoenix, Az


I have taken Café Green Pastures Matcha Green Tea for six months. Matcha helps to manage my weight. The clarity and mental focus has made a huge difference before I minister in Sermon.

Minister Damon Davis-Youth Minister Faith Christian Center, Phoenix, Az